Drawing an angry cartoon dog is hard work. Good news is that we have broken this hefty task into 22 easy steps. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to draw an angry dog the easy way!

What You’ll Need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil (Ideally a 4H Pencil)
  • Marker Pen
  • Eraser
  • Colouring Materials (optional)

How To Draw An Angry Dog

Step-by-step guide on drawing an angry cartoon dog:

Step 1:

Draw a rough circle for the head. Then draw a reference grid, which will come in handy later on when you draw this dog’s angry face. 

1-circle head

Step 2: 

Add two circles for the body. A smaller circle for the front of the body and a bigger circle for the back part of the body.

2-body circles

Step 3:

Draw a bump in the head. This bump is actually the snout of your angry dog. 

3-snout bump

Step 4:

Outline the angry dog’s mouth. This mouth looks slightly smiley, but it’s actually an angry mouth.

4-angry mouth outline

Step 5:

Draw a circle for the eye. A pretty simple circle just above the mouth for the right eye. Then join the body and head up.

5-angry eye

Step 6:

Draw two big eyes. Your angry dog’s ears will look like two wide, rounded triangle shapes. 

6-dog ears

Step 7: 

Sketch a heart-shaped nose. Your dog may be angry but it can still show love through a heart-shaped nose. 

7-dog heart nose

Step 8: 

Draw an angry-shaped eyebrow. Now your dog is starting to look really angry. 

8-angry eybrow

Step 9:

Round the mouth up. To make the dog’s mouth look realistic give it some extra curves. 

9-angry mouth details

Step 10:

Add some sharp teeth. An angry dog only looks scary with some sharp teeth in its mouth.

10-dog sharp teeth

Step 11:

Draw in the tongue. The tongue is like a semi-circle shape inside the mouth.

11-dog tongue cartoon

Step 12:

Draw the dog feet. You may want to draw a reference line to represent the ground. This will help you draw the right sized legs.

12-dog feet

Step 13:

Outline your dog’s legs. Start by drawing curved lines for the legs. 

13-dog leg lines

Step 14:

Bulk up those legs. Give those skinny legs some meat and then add on a nice collar.

14-dog legs

Step 15:

Add in some facial details. This includes the little eye dot and rounded up the face a little more. 

15-face details

Step 16: 

Draw in the ear details. This means adding in some ear fut and drawing in the inner ear shapes.

16-dog ear details

Step 17:

Sketch the tail line. This will help you draw a nice shaped tail for your dog. You can also add some hair on top of your dog’s head.

17-dog tail line

Step 18:

Give that tail some fur details. Thicken up your dog’s tail with fur.

18-dog tail details

Step 19:

Draw the paws. The paws are just small balls on your dog’s feet. 

19-dog paw circles

Step 20:

Give your dog some sharp claws. A scary, angry dog deserves some sharp claws on it’s paws. 

20-paw nails details

Step 21:

Sketch in the final details. These final details include whiskers, nose details and more fur.

21-final details

Step 22:

Outline your dog using a marker. Then use your eraser to rub out any extra pencil lines. You can even colour in your dog or leave it alone in black and white:

angry dog drawing

Phew! That was quite long, but we made it! You now have a cartoon angry dog drawing to share with your friends! What did you think of our tutorial on how to draw an angry dog? Was it simple or difficult to follow? Let us know in the comments below.

How to draw a angry dog