Learn how to draw a Cocker Spaniel just like Lady from Lady and the Tramp! In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to draw a super cute cocker spaniel in just 10 easy steps!

cute cocker spaniel drawing

A little fun fact about Cocker Spaniels is that there are two breeds – One American and the other one is English. The English breed tends to be much more lively than the American Cocker Spaniel and also has a larger head size. But they are both very sociable as far as dogs go!

What You’ll Need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil (Ideally a 4H Pencil)
  • Marker Pen
  • Eraser
  • Felt Tip Pens (optional)

How to Draw a Cocker Spaniel

With a few simple shapes, you can draw your very own cute cocker spaniel dog:

Step 1

Sketch a circle for the head. Ideally use a light 4H pencil gently sketch a circle for your Cocker Spaniel’s head. The tip here is to draw the circle using loads of short strokes, so it looks a little rough around the edges.

circle for the head-cocker spaniel

Step 2

Draw an oval shape for the snout. Roughly and lightly draw in an oval shape using the shape method as in step 1.

oval snout shape-cocker spaniel

Step 3

Draw two long ovals for the ears. Behind your Cocker Spaniel’s head shape, sketch in two long ovals for your dog’s ears.

two ears-shape-cocker spaniel

Step 4

Draw in the body. The body will be a roughly shaped rectangle. It should be wider at the bottom and more narrow at the top, so your Cocker Spaniel looks like he/she has a neck.

body-shape-cocker spaniel

Step 5

Sketch in the outline for the eyes. The eyes are two very tall semi-circle shapes. At this stage, you can also draw in two simple lines at the bottom of the body to represent your Cocker Spaniel’s front legs.

legs and eyes-cocker spaniel

Step 6

Add in the front legs. Join in your dog’s front legs like in the drawing below. This makes your dog look like he/she has a belly. Then you can draw in a wide oval shape for the dog’s nose and two more tall semi-circles for the eyes.

nose eyes-cocker spaniel

Step 7

Draw in more details on the face. Draw a short line coming out from the bottom of your Cocker Spaniel’s nose and tiny looking smile to represent the mouth. You could even draw in a collar around your Cocker Spaniel for a more realistic look. Also, don’t forget to sketch in two tiny eyebrows.

dog collar-cocker spaniel

Step 8

Sketch in your Cocker Spaniel’s tongue. The tongue will be a long wonky oval shape dropping out of your Cocker Spaniel’s mouth. Next, you can add some fur detail to the ears and shade in the eyes. 

mouth-tongue-cocker spaniel

Step 9

Using a black marker outline your dog. Rub out any unwanted lines and marks. By now you should have an outline of a cute Cocker Spaniel drawing.

cute cocker spaniel outline drawing

Step 10

Colour in your Cocker Spaniel. This step is optional. You can colour in your Cocker Spaniel in any colour you like and if you want you can give him/her markings like little spots over the body. 

how to draw cute cocker spaniel drawing

Yay! Your cute Cocker Spaniel drawing is complete! Share it with your friends, put it on your fridge or turn it into a card and give it to your best friend.

how to draw a Cocker Spaniel