Huskies are such beautiful dogs. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to draw a husky in under 15 steps. By the end, you should have your very own realistic Siberian Husky drawing to show-off!

Husky Drawing - how to draw a husky

Commonly found in Alaska and Northern America, Siberian Huskies are closest relatives to wolves from all the dog breeds. Their thick fur keeps them warm in the snowy Northern climate and just like wolves they love travelling in packs. To honour the Siberian husky, in this tutorial we’ll show you how to draw a realistic husky sitting in some snow the quick and easy way!

What You’ll Need:

  • A reference photo of a Siberian Husky
  • Paper
  • Light Pencil (Ideally a 4H Pencil)
  • Dark pencil (Ideally a 6B Pencil)
  • Eraser

How to Draw a Husky

Let’s draw a husky!

Step 1

Find a nice picture of a Husky. Just like with our realistic dog eyes tutorial, you should start with a reference photo of a Husky to guide your drawing.

Step 2

Draw three circles. Using your light pencil, sketch three rough circles. One for the head and two for the body. If you need some tips in this step, see our tutorial on drawing an easy dog for beginners.


Step 3

Sketch a reference grid on the face. Then draw two pointy, wolf-like ears. Use the reference grid to position your ears in the right place.


Step 4

Join the circles to create your Husky’s body. Remember here, that Huskies are snow dogs with thick-looking bodies.


Step 5

Draw three lines for the legs. This husky is sitting in snow, so draw the back leg like a small hook. The front two longs are just two rough straight lines.


Step 6

Finish off your Husky’s legs. Add some meat to those leg lines from step 5.


Step 7

Sketch in the nose. Using the reference grid on the face, draw in an oval-shaped nose and a curved line for the snout.


Step 8

Outline the open mouth. The Siberian Husky in our picture is happy. So let’s draw in a nice smile.


Step 9

Draw in the tongue. When a dog is really happy, their tongues stick out of their mouths, just like in this drawing.


Step 10

Add in two almond-shaped eyes. The right-eye should be smaller than the left eye, as it’s further in the distance. Next, add some basic fur details to the ear holes.


Step 11

Shade in the dark fur. Still with your light pencil, sketch in the dark fur on your husky dog.


Step 12

Outline the tail. Draw the short, thick looking tail in the back sitting on top of the snow.


Step 13

Sketch in the fur. Using short and light pencil strokes. Sketch in the fur all over your Husky’s body. Don’t forget the tail and face!


Step 14

Draw in the snow. Using your light pencil, sketch in some snow around your Husky dog’s legs and in the background. Then with a darker pencil, outline the fur of your Husky, so it stands out in the snow.


Step 15

Shade in the shadows. Draw in more snow and using your finger smudge in some dark shadows under your dog. You could also smudge in some light shadows in the background for the snow.


That’s it! Now you got yourself a nice little Siberian husky drawing to show to your friends and family. Using the technique shown in this tutorial you can draw almost any dog you like, even a ghost dog!

how to draw husky