Drawing manga can be easy – sometimes! In today’s drawing tutorial, we’ll show you how to draw an anime dog. And in true manga style, we’ll show you how to draw your own anime ghost dog!

anime dog drawing

What You’ll Need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil (Ideally a 4H Pencil)
  • Marker Pen
  • Eraser
  • Felt Tip Pens (optional)

So what’s the story behind our anime ghost dog? For those wondering, our story starts on a dark, rainy night. In an age-old war between cats and dogs, one dog heroically risks his own life to save the whole species of dogs. As a sad turn of events, this kills him. But don’t worry folks he returns as the GHOST DOG! His scars glow purple, his eyes burn like the sun and he has a thirst for revenge. Beware!

Anyway that’s enough story-telling – Now let’s draw a anime dog!

How to Draw an Anime Ghost Dog

Here are twenty very easy steps for drawing a manga-style dog:

Step 1: 

Start with a rough circle. Remember short strokes make a better, natural-looking circle perfect for animal drawing. 

circle shape-anime dog

Step 2:

Add two more circles for the body. A bid wide-looking circle in the middle and then a smaller circle for the back.

circle shape-body-anime dog

Step 3:

Create a reference grid on the face. A reference grid will help you map out your anime dog’s facial features. Then join together the body and head circles.

body shape-anime dog

Step 4: 

Draw two pointy-looking ears. These pointy ears are almost like two wonky-looking triangles. 

ears-anime dog

Step 5:

Draw a rough line below the body. This rough line will represent the ground, so your anime dog’s legs measure up right. Then draw a small semi-circle on the line. This semi-circle should align with the edge of your dog’s face. Finally for this step draw a small circle coming off the big body circle under the neck area.

feet-anime dog

Step 6:

Draw the front legs roughly. First join the semi-circle already on the page with the small body circle. Then draw another semi-circle on the ground and join it to the big body circle.

front legs-anime dog

Step 7:

Sketch one back leg. To do this you’ll need to draw a line half-way above the ground line as a reference point. Then from this draw a bent semi-circle for the hind feet and a small circle for your ghost dog’s knee.

back-feet-anime dog

Step 8:

Join together the back leg. This step is quick, just join the hind feet with the knee, then connect it to the dog body.

back-leg-feet-anime dog

Step 9:

Sketch in the other back leg. To do this, you simply need to draw a wonky-looking semi-circle for the feet and then join it to the front back leg. 

back-leg-2-feet-anime dog

Step 10:

Draw a dog tail. From the back circle, draw a pointed upward curved-looking triangle for the tail.

tail-feet-anime dog

Step 11:

Turn that tail into a ghost trail. Give your anime dog a ghostly touch by turning that boring old tail into a ghostly trail. 

tail-curl-anime dog

Step 12:

Draw the dog snout. Use the reference grid to draw a nice curvy snout shape on the face.

god-snout-anime dog

Step 13:

Draw the eye outlines. The left eye will just be a simple line. While the right eye is an almond-shaped dog eye.

eyes-anime dog

Step 14:

Draw in the iris in the eye. This is two simple circles in the eye.

eyes-details-anime dog

Step 15:

Sketch in the nose and rough mouth outline. The nose is a triangle shape on top of the snout. And the mouth should be as wide as the middle of the eye.

Step 16:

 Give your dog some thick fur. Lightly sketch in the fur of your ghost dog on the body and around the neck area. Then add some small lines on the feet to represent dog paws. Don’t forget to give your dog some kneecaps!

fur-paw-details-anime dog

Step 17:

Draw fur on the ghostly tail. Also give your ghost dog some eyebrows for some extra attitude. 

tail-details-anime dog

Step 18:

Sketch in the dog ear details. This is simply some light fur and the inner canals of your dog’s ears.

ear-details-anime dog

Step 19:

Add in the finishing touches. This includes some deadly scar marks and some other mythical markings in true manga-style. You can also give your ghost dog a collar and some sharp teeth. And then finally you can outline your pencil drawing with a marker. Don’t forget to use an eraser to rub out any unwanted messy lines.

anime dog ghost outline

Step 20:

Colour in your anime dog. Using whatever colouring materials you have, colour in your drawing to bring your ghost dog to life!

anime ghost dog drawing

Boo!! Or Woof! Your ghostly anime dog is complete. Show it off to everyone, because you really deserved it! Especially after following 20 long gruesome steps on how to draw an anime dog and not giving up on us halfway through! You might also be interested in drawing a cute kawaii-style dog.

how to draw anime dog-ghost dog