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how to draw a dog paw
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How to Draw Dog Paw Prints

Drawing dog paws can be easy. It can also be quite hard. Especially when you want to draw a whole trail of dog paws across a page! In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to draw dog paw prints in 6 simple steps. One of the cutest notebook doodle ideas is to draw paw prints going across your notepad. Although it can be very difficult to get the sizing of each paw print right as …

how to draw a Cocker Spaniel
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How To Draw a Cocker Spaniel

Learn how to draw a cute Cocker Spaniel in 10 easy steps! Cocker Spaniels are such cute little dogs and now you can draw your own little pooch (even if you’re not allowed to keep one!) with this quick drawing dog tutorial. Start off with a circle for the head and then you can keep drawing in little details until you have your own cute Cocker Spaniel drawing!

how to draw a easy dog
Beginner's Tutorials How-To

How to Draw a Easy dog: Step-by-Step Drawing

Learn how to draw an easy dog in 8 quick steps. This is the perfect drawing dog tutorial for beginners. All you need is a pencil, paper and some colouring materials to get started! Start off by sketching a circle on your page and soon you’ll end up with a simple dog drawing, that looks like an actual dog! Finally, you can colour-in and style your dog in any way you want.