In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to draw a Kawaii Dog. More importantly, you’ll learn to draw a cute Kawaii Corgi dog in just 10 steps!

cute kawaii corgi drawing

Kawaii things are pure cuteness. And even though they look really simple to draw, they can still be a little tricky to get right. Especially drawing those expressive little faces! By following this easy step-by-step tutorial, you should have your very own cute Kawaii Corgi drawing to show off to your friends.

What You’ll Need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil (Ideally a 4H Pencil)
  • Marker Pen
  • Eraser
  • Felt Tip Pens (optional)

How to Draw a Kawaii Dog

Time to draw your own Kawaii dog, let’s go!

Step 1

Draw a rough circle for the face. Use short pencil strokes to draw the circle.

circle-corgi kawaii

Step 2

Draw a reference point for the facial features. Drawing a rough guide or reference points is a good way to create an expressive corgi face Kawaii style.

face reference-corgi kawaii

Step 3

Sketch a rough oval shape for the body. Make sure it’s a bulky oval because of Corgi’s look cuter when they have a bigger body shape than the head shape.

dog body oval-corgi kawaii

Step 4

Draw two pointy ears. A corgi’s ears are kind of like cat eyes, but bigger on the head. The reference point you drew earlier will come in handy for drawing the ears. 

ears-corgi kawaii

Step 5

Draw in the legs. You can draw a line across your page to represent the ground. Then using this line draw in the front two legs.

legs-corgi kawaii

Step 6

Draw in the back leg. Use the ground as a reference point draw in a small oval-shaped to represent the back leg for your Kawaii Corgi.

body and legs-corgi kawaii

Step 7

Sketch in your Corgi’s face. Use the reference point from step 2, draw in your Corgi’s eyes, nose and upper lip in a smiley shape. For this tutorial we are drawing a winking Corgi dog, so make sure the right eye is just a curved line.

Step 8

Draw in the ear and mouth details. For the inside of the ears follow the original ear shape you drew in step 4. And then for the mouth, draw an upside down semi-circle shape with a little tongue inside.

ear details-corgi kawaii

Step 9

Outline your corgi drawing with a marker. While outlining your Corgi, add some fur details on the face and body. You could also add in some cute cheeks and fur markings.

how to draw a kawaii dog-outline

Step 10

Colour in your Corgi drawing. Using your favourite colouring materials colour in your cute Kawaii Corgi.


Your cute Kawaii Corgi drawing is complete – Hooray! Now that you know how to draw a kawaii dog, you can fill up your whole page with cute kawaii dogs everywhere! 

How to Draw a Kawaii Dog Corgi