Realistic dog eyes can be very difficult to draw. But the good news is that in this tutorial, we’ll show you how to draw dog eyes in 10 simple steps!

dog eyes drawing

This is no ordinary eye drawing tutorial. This step-by-step guide will show how to draw realistic dog eyes for beginners within minutes. With this tutorial, you don’t need to be a professional artist to draw something realistic. You just need a good eye and some good pencils.

What You’ll Need:

  • A reference photo of some dog eyes
  • Piece of paper
  • Light Pencil (Ideally a 4H Pencil)
  • Dark pencil (Ideally a 6B Pencil)
  • Eraser

How to Draw Realistic Dog Eyes

Ready? Lets draw some realistic dog eyes!

Before you begin, you need to find a nice photo of some dog eyes. We took this one off the internet:

reference photo for dog eyes

Step 1

Begin by drawing two lines on your page. Draw these lines with your 4H (light) pencil. These lines will act as reference points for where you will position your eyes.

step 1-dog eye drawing

Step 2

Draw two diagonal lines. These diagonal lines will ensure that your dog eyes are the right size and in the right place. Then draw two rough circles in between those diagonal lines.

Step 2-dog eye drawing

Step 3

Shape up the dog eyes. Turn the circles you drew in the previous step into almond-shaped eyes.

Step 4

Draw the iris part of the eyes. The iris is the black part of your dog’s eyes (see photo above).

Step 4-dog eye drawing

Step 5

Outline the white shine in the eyes. The white shine is important in making your dog eyes look realistic. This is similar to how anime dog eyes are drawn.

Step 5-dog eye drawing

Step 6

Darken the iris and eye outline. Pressing slightly harder with your 4H pencil, darken up the eyes a bit.

Step 6-dog eye drawing

Step 7

Use a 6B pencil to further darken the eyes. In this step pay attention to the brown area in your dog’s eye. You can see it has some lines, which you can draw with your 6B pencil. Then use your finger to slightly smudge the brown area to make the eyes look more natural.

Step 7-dog eye drawing

Step 8

Lightly sketch in the fur. Use short, light pencil strokes with your 4H pencil to create light lines of fur around the eyes. A tip here is to flick the pencil outwards, so the lines start off thick and then end lightly.

Step 8-dog eye drawing

Step 9

Add short strokes of fur around the eyes. Keep drawing in the short strokes for the dog fur with your 4H pencil.

Step 9-dog eye drawing

Step 10

Darken the fur strokes. using a darker pencil like your 6B pencil, darken up some of the fur around the eyes and other patches on the face.

Step 10-dog eye drawing

That’s it! You have completed your realistic dog eye drawing perfectly. Now the next step is to draw a whole dog face realistically or you could even draw a whole Husky dog realistically. Don’t forget to share our realistic dog eye drawing tutorial on social media if you found it useful.

how to draw dog eyes